Our 4Fields Training(s) Explained

The “5 Levels of Movement Leadership” (video | article) helps define our different types of training & their timing:

L1: Seed Sower
-3 Circles (video) – 2-20 minutes
-411 Training (slides) – 1hour or less

L2:  Church Planter
Commands of Christ (L2) – weekly
Gospel Conversations (L1/2) – event + weekly
-note: see 3-touch training plan used to form catalytic teams in a city/church/organization
-note: people who are part of a strategy to make disciples who make disciples without forming churches would fit into “L2”. 

L3: Church Plant Multiplier
-Midlevel Training w IOI for Practitioners (L2/3) – event
4-Day 4Fields Intensive Training for Planters & Missionaries (L1-3) – event
-Coaching & Mentoring (see http://www.noplaceleft.net) – ongoing
-see 4 Fields Planning Worksheet for Timothys

L4: Movement Trainer
-Coaching & Mentoring – ongoing

L5: Strategy Coordinator
-SC Training for 4G Movement Leaders (L4/L5) – event
-Coaching & Mentoring – ongoing

3 Phases of Movement  
(HandoutVideo) – Training Manuals:

-Phase 1 – MULTIPLICATION of Churches: “The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth” by N. Shank
-Phase 2 – PASTORAL Development: “Foundations for Emerging Leaders” by J. Houk
-Phase 3 – DOCTRINAL Development: “Confessions of the Faith for CPM” by N. Shank


5 thoughts on “Our 4Fields Training(s) Explained

    1. Can sorone get in touch im in uk and really intetested in applying this within the places im ministering and reaching out. Making lots of contacts but struggling with the next phase. Im a house church leader, on tean on another local church but also involved in communities around me with my family, im desperate to see disciples who make disciples and i believe God called me out of a very modern church to start doing what he commnaded?

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