Join us at #NoPlaceLeft Global Summit July 28-29 in Houston

#NoPlaceLeft Global Summit | July 28 – 29, 2017 Houston, TX USA | Sugar Creek Baptist Church -Cost: $0 (meals not provided; entry = homemade #NoPlaceLeft shirt) -Registration (required): Click Here -Vision: Jeff Sundell, Kumar, Steve Smith, Ying Kai, Oggie+Jephete, Steve Addison & Nathan Shank -Breakout Sessions: TBD -Description: Mark this one on your calendar! The #NoPlaceLeft Global … More Join us at #NoPlaceLeft Global Summit July 28-29 in Houston

More Trainings in 2017: Join Us!

Click Here to learn about our different types of trainings. For more trainings/locations, check out Contact us to host a training in your city.  Mar 31-Apr 2: Manchester (UK) Midlevel Training Manchester, England | MOVE Network Contact: Steve Addison Apr 6-10: C*ba Midlevel Training Trainers: Oggie Martin, Steven Martinez, Jocsan Morales Apr 11-14: Haiti … More More Trainings in 2017: Join Us!

End Vision: Reach Every Resident of Florida by End of 2020!

What end vision are we laboring towards? Local: #NoPlaceLeft Florida 2020  | USA: 50-5-50 Vision | Global: #NoPlaceLeft “This continued for two years, so that ALL THE RESIDENTS OF ASIA heard the word of the Lord” -Acts 19:10 (estimated population: 8-15Million) Our 2017 benchmark for Florida 2020 vision is to establish catalytic teams in every major city of Florida … More End Vision: Reach Every Resident of Florida by End of 2020!

Our 2017 4Fields Training Schedule

Click Here to learn more about our different levels of training. Visit for additional trainings & coaching. Our 2017 4 Fields Training Schedule Jan 14: Tucson Gospel Conversations Training [Touch 1] Tucson, AZ | Enchanted Hills Baptist Church Trainers: Cole Malphrus, Josh Griffis, David Ingram Contact: Jay Moore Jan 21:Christian Surfers Mexico Gospel Conversations Training … More Our 2017 4Fields Training Schedule

Our 4Fields Training(s) Explained

The “5 Levels of Movement Leadership” (video | article) helps define our different types of training & their timing: L1: Seed Sower -3 Circles (video) – 2-20 minutes -411 Training (slides) – 1hour or less L2:  Church Planter –Commands of Christ (L2) – weekly –Gospel Conversations (L1/2) – event + weekly -note: see 3-touch training plan used … More Our 4Fields Training(s) Explained

Updated Movements Resource Page

RESOURCES For Multiplying Healthy Disciples + Churches –Start Here: 411 Training Slides (Espanol) –Gospel: 3 Circles –Discipleship: Commands of Christ (Espanol | Command 1 Video) –Training Card: Front / Back –4 Fields Planning Worksheet For Leaders –Training Manual: The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth  (PDF)  [Spanish Edition] The 5 Parts/ 4 Fields of Jesus Strategy [Extended | Simple] Tools Filled … More Updated Movements Resource Page

Quicklinks to 411 & Commands of Christ | 411 Training Slides Starting point for equipping new & seasoned followers of Jesus to begin making disciples.  | Commands of Christ After the 411, this tool helps followers of Jesus learn from the Bible how to simply obey Jesus’ commands utilizing the 3/3s format.  The discipleship lessons are build around the functions of a healthy … More Quicklinks to 411 & Commands of Christ