Updated Movements Resource Page

RESOURCES For Multiplying Healthy Disciples + Churches
Start Here: 411 Training Slides (Espanol)
Gospel: 3 Circles
Discipleship: Commands of Christ (Espanol | Command 1 Video)
Training Card: Front / Back
4 Fields Planning Worksheet For Leaders
Training Manual: The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth  (PDF)  [Spanish Edition]

The 5 Parts/ 4 Fields of Jesus Strategy [ExtendedSimple]
-Tools Filled in The 4 Fields Diagram (Video)

1. Entry Strategy:
-Oikos Map (video)
-Luke 10 House of Peace Search (video)

2. Gospel:
-3 Circles (video | script)
-15-Second Testimony (video)
-4 Responses to the Gospel (video)

3. Discipleship:
411 Training Slides (Espanol) | 411 Video (Espanol)
Commands of Christ (Espanol | Command 1 Video)
-3/3s Format (video)
SWORD Bible Study Method

4. Church Formation:
Acts 2 Church Circle
Handy Guide to Church Start (Left Hand)
7 Stories of the Church

5. Leadership Development:
The 4 Fields Manual 
MAWL (Video | MAWL Map)
-5 Levels of Movement Leadership (video | Article)
-4 Stages of Movement (Video | Article)
Handy Guide to Healthy Church (Right Hand)
-Catalyzing Movement from Phase 4 (video)
-God’s Mission: Genesis to Revelation (video | audio | handout)
-Generational Mapping (video)
5 Parts/4 Fields Chapter Discovery (worksheet)
-Iron on Iron “IOI” (video |writeup)
-Paul’s Journeys (VideoTraining Slides | Case Study)
-Two-Church Principle (video)
-Swarm Training (video)
Precision Harvesting 
Baptism Hammer (handout)
4 Fields Planning Worksheet for Leaders
   –The Brutal Facts / #NoPlaceLeft Vision (video)
The Heavenly Father’s Heart
*Abiding in Jesus (John 15)
IGNITE Prayer Guide by Kaye Johns
   -Abiding in Jesus w Chuck Wood VIDEOS:
Introduction | Holy Spirit | Word of God | Prayer
+Books on Movements:
  –Church Planting By the Book by E. Elbert Smith (Kindle)
  –Missionary Methods by Roland Allen
Spontaneous Expansion of the Church by Roland Allen
Movements That Changed the World by Steve Addison
What Jesus Started by Steve Addison
Pioneering Movements by Steve Addison

3 Phases of Movement – Training Manuals:
-Phase 1 – MULTIPLICATION of Churches: “The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth” by N. Shank
-Phase 2 – PASTORAL Development: “Foundations for Emerging Leaders” by J. Houk
-Phase 3 – DOCTRINAL Development: “Confessions of the Faith for CPM” by N. Shank

3 thoughts on “Updated Movements Resource Page

  1. Hi Troy,

    We haven’t met. I’m on staff with e3 out in San Diego. I’m part of the India Strategy Team. I’m getting ready to do a Gospel Conversations / 3 Circles training at my church with new believers. These slides are “just in time”. Thanks! I’d love to talk with you at some point about your experience in training existing believers and pick your brain about how to encourage people to share their faith.

    I love the video of your son sharing 3 Circles. So powerful! Perhaps I’ll see you in Dallas, I’ll be there for the second part of the week . If we don’t connect then, perhaps we can connect via phone subsequent to the conference.

    I’ve checked out your website and recently subscribed to your blog. Great stuff!

    Blessings, Stephanie

    On Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 6:05 AM, Coopers On A Mission wrote:

    > CoopersOnAMission posted: “RESOURCES For Multiplying Healthy Disciples + > Churches -Start Here: 411 Training Slides (Espanol) -Gospel: 3 Circles > -Discipleship: Commands of Christ (Espanol | Command 1 Video) -Training > Card: Front / Back -4 Fields Planning Worksheet For Leaders -Train” >

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