What is “3-Touch” Training Plan? [VIDEO]

[VIDEO: Troy explains the “3-Touch” Training Plan we are using with churches, organizations to raise up catalytic teams in cities across North America over a 6-9 month period.]

CLICK HERE for 3-Touch training update from Tulsa.

We have found the “3-Touch” training plan rolled out over 6-9 months to be effective as we roll out disciple+church multiplication training among individuals, groups, churches, networks and organizations.  [Note: We are aiming to catalyze church planting movements (CPMs) which multiplies disciples & churches but as we roll out training with other churches & organizations, we find it important to go at the pace of the Holy Spirit through local leadership].  

CLICK HERE to view Google doc explaining the 3-touch training pattern.

Event + Weekly Rollout: Each round of training consists of an “event” training followed by a 4-6 “weekly rollout”.  We have found that the week-to-week rollout (1-2 hour gatherings of small groups) of training is what really gets to movement in a city but the event training is important to provide an onramp for people to get connected to training.  The event training also allows us to identify trainers, practitioners & pioneering (apostolic) leadership in an area.  This 3-touch process typically takes 6-9 months allowing 2-3 months between each event.  The time between touches allows for people to put into practice what they have learned (we are looking for the obedient) and identify who the leaders are.  One of our main objectives for training in a new city is to find the general(s).

“3 Touch” Plan Follows MAWL Pattern: The 3 touches of training follows the MAWL (Model, Assist, Watch, Launch) pattern for raising up local leaders who are competent & confident.
-Touch 1: Model Training (100% outside trainers / 0% local new trainers)*
-Touch 2: Assist Training (50% outside trainers / 50%+ local new trainers)
-Touch 3: Watch Training (0% outside trainers / 100% local new trainers)
*If local trainers/practitioners are available, we include/elevate them in the training as early & often as possible. 

Purpose – Identify & Raise Up Local Leaders/Trainers/Teams: Our goal is to identify & raise up local leaders & teams of trainers/practitioners to carry out this vision with their language, tools & DNA.  When leading training in a new city, it is imperative to find one or more “generals” (apostolic leaders with vision & gifting to lead teams of leaders towards #NoPlaceLeft).  To accomplish this, we utilize local leaders/trainers as much as possible as early as possible.  We will pull people up during the training (great way to identify trainers).  We have also started training local leaders ahead of time online so we can utilize them during the 1st training.  Make it a goal to set them up for success so the outside catalyst can move on into a coaching role (from a distance).

Swarm Team Training (learn more): Each training has a lead trainer who facilitates a group of trainers leading together.  The training schedule will be divided up among various trainers with various levels of experience.  This allows us to include more people and raise up more trainers & teams of trainers who are competent & confident.

Pre-Event Training Swarm Team Model/Practice: To increase competence & confidence, some lead trainers have begun the practice of gathering with swarm team members the day before event training to review the schedule and model/practice each part.  This is not necessary for swarm training but have found it to be effective.

GOAL is for Church to become a training & mobilization center (led by local leaders/teams):
1. Lead weekly rollouts of discipleship training (commands of Christ)
2. Lead weekly evangelism & follow-up team (Luke 10 House of Peace Search)
3. Adopt a geographic #NoPlaceLeft radius round your church that you will commit to share the gospel with this year. [Ex: Family Church Jupiter, Pastor Steve Scalici‘s 2in2 Vision to “Engage every home in a 2 mile radius (12k homes) in the next 2 years”]
4. Form local catalytic teams (communities of practice) who will labor & strategize together towards #NoPlaceLeft
5. Lead swarm trainings locally and nationally for other churches & organizations.

TEACH US! How is your team rolling out training with other churches & cities?  What are you learning?  What do you see as key elements to identifying and empowering local leaders and teams towards catalyzing movements?

If you want to learn more about 3-touch training rollout, feel free to join us at an upcoming training.  If you are interested in hosting 3-touches of trainings in your city, contact us!

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