4 Fields Training Explained

The “5 Levels of Movement Leadership” (video | article) helps define our different types of Training:

L1: Seed Sower
3 Circles | 3 Circulos (Spanish)
-411 Training (Videos) | Training slides: 411multiply.com |  411Espanol.com (Spanish)

L2:  Church Planter
-Weekly: Commands of Christ (L2) /
-Event: Gospel Conversations (L1/2)
note: see 3-touch training plan used to form catalytic teams in a city/church/organization
note: people who are part of a strategy to make disciples who make disciples without forming churches would fit into “L2”. 

L3: Church Plant Multiplier
-Event: 4Fields Intensive Training for Planters & Missionaries (L1-3)
-Event: Midlevel TrainingIOI for Practitioners (L2/3)

L4: Movement Trainer
-Ongoing: Coaching & Mentoring (see www.noplaceleft.net)
(see 4 Fields Planning Worksheet)

L5: Strategy Coordinator
-Event: SC Training for 4G Movement Leaders (L4/L5)

3 Phases of Movement  
(HandoutVideo) – Training Manuals:

-Phase 1 – MULTIPLICATION of Churches: “The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth” by N. Shank
-Phase 2 – PASTORAL Development: “Foundations for Emerging Leaders” by J. Houk
-Phase 3 – DOCTRINAL Development: “Confessions of the Faith for CPM” by N. Shank