End Vision: Reach Every Resident of Florida by End of 2020!


What end vision are we laboring towards?

Local: #NoPlaceLeft Florida 2020  | USA: 50-5-50 Vision | Global: #NoPlaceLeft

“This continued for two years, so that ALL THE RESIDENTS OF ASIA heard the word of the Lord” -Acts 19:10 (estimated population: 8-15Million)

Our 2017 benchmark for Florida 2020 vision is to establish catalytic teams in every major city of Florida including: Miami, Ft Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Ft Myers, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville & the Panhandle.  We use 3-touch training process + Midlevel Rollout (More Detail Here) to discover/equip catalytic leaders and form them into teams who are giving their lives to reach their region, city & ZIP Codes with the gospel.

The exciting news is that we already have teams and/or trainings in every city except for Ft Myers (though we are in talks with a pastor there).  Will you pray along with us for the gospel to reach every resident of Florida by the end of 2020?  Will you commit to make disciples who make disciples?

Let’s go!!

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