About Us

We are the Cooper family: 
Troy, Rachel, Mayah (15), Malachi (14), Isaiah (11), Tessa (9), Lucy (8), Ezra (4) & Lazarus (2)– a family who exists to make Jesus’ Name great among the nations.  While we serve/train in various parts of the world, we are living on mission among the 93% unchurched community of Southern California.   We are laboring to establish 500 missionary teams across California in 3 years (2021).  We are also laboring to establish catalytic church planting teams in the top 50 cities in North America by end of 2020.  We are committed to seeing unreached & under-reached communities transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ via the multiplication of healthy disciples and healthy churches using 4 Fields Process.   We are committed to the #NoPlaceLeft vision seen in Acts 19:10.  Troy serves as the North America Director for e3 PartnersI Am Second who has a vision to establish 1 million healthy churches globally by 2020.  We are also part of the #NoPlaceLeft Coalition & 24:14 Coalition of global CPM trainers/practitioners/catalytic teams.

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-Movements.net Interviews (click here, here & here)
-Exponential (click here)
-Engaging Missions Interview (click here)
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Our Vision: The Great Commission | Matthew 28:18-20
Local (Florida): establish a healthy reproducing church in every FL zip code (1,472) by end of 2020.
North America: establish catalytic church planting teams in top 50 cities by end of 2020.
Global: laboring to see 1 million healthy churches established globally by 2020 and every unreached people group and place engaged with the gospel by 2025.

Our Ministry Focus:
1. REACH: lostness by making disciples & establishing healthy churches
2. EQUIP: believers to make disciples & establish healthy churches via 4 Fields Process
3. MOBILIZE: fruitful missionary teams among unreached people groups globally

Our Strategy – The 4Fields Process
The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth by Nathan & Kari Shank

Our Training: Click Here to learn more

Our Affiliates: Troy is the North America Director for e3 Partners / I Am Second on the ministry team of Jeff Sundell with Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church (Stuart, FL) as our home church ministry base and Onward Church (Fishers, IN) as our home sending church.  We are a part of the #NoPlaceLeft Coalition & 24:14 Coalition of CPM missionary trainers/practitioners/catalytic teams.

Updates: You can view photos and read regular updates by liking our Facebook Page & following us on Twitter.

Prayer/Support Card:
Click Here to view our Ministry support prayer card (w family photo).   If you would like to receive one or more copies via snail mail, let us know and we will make sure to mail one

Troy & Rachel Cooper
933 SE 6th Street Stuart, FL 34944 USA
CoopersOnAMission@Gmail.com | 317.501.4132

Our Ministry Team Leader:
Jeff Sundell, Chief Strategy Officer, e3 Partners/I Am Second

Our South Florida Ministry Base:
Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church
2880 SE Aster Lane  Stuart, FL  34994
CovenantFellowship.org | 772.283.8306
Pastor Matt Price | Matt@CovenantFellowship.org

Our Home Sending Church:
Onward Church Network
PO Box 681  Fishers, IN  46038
OnwardChurch.org | 317.513.0227
Pastor Gary Stump | Gary@GaryStump.org 

More InfoSupport Our Ministry | Training Events

Important “Blog” DisclaimerBefore you dive into our blog we think it is important for you to know that I (Troy) am not a blogger-writer (if you actually read the blog, you’ll discover this for yourself in the first paragraph).  I am merely a missionary/trainer/follower of Jesus who is passionate for God’s glory and will not let my lack of writing skills keep me from communicating what I see God doing around me.  Thank you, in advance, for enduring my elementary (that may be generous) writing level.  Please recognize that “God uses the lowly things to shame the wise”. 


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