Ray Vaughn Addresses the Challenge of Training to Reach Oikos but Modeling HoP Search

We know movements flow down the lines of relational networks.  In our CPM training, it is imperative that we equip disciple-makers to identify, pray for & share with their oikos (sphere of influence).  At the same time we find its also important to get people out in the harvest & model gospel engagements as soon as possible.  Thus, we find ourselves at trainings (of all sizes) equipping believers to create an oikos (relational) prayer map + gospel tool and stressing the importance of sharing with the people God put in their lives (Jim McKnight pointed out to me in January that Jesus Himself went to His oikos in Nazareth first).  So, we stress & teach them to share with their oikos BUT then when it comes to modeling gospel engagements, we mobilize them out out in the harvest to encounter people they don’t know (Luke 10 house of peace search).  I planned to find a solution from the Lord through our children…and then I found a brilliant solution from my brother Ray Vaughn while hanging out at Exponential East.

Ray’s team in Houston provides 4 options when sending out Luke 10 Teams to seek out persons of peace during an event training.  He first has them pray for 5 minutes & ask the Holy Spirit to consider which of the following 4 options they’ll engage:

  1. Oikos map: engage someone you know from your oikos map
  2. Neighborhood: engage people/homes in your neighborhood
  3. Strangers: engage individuals in public places or homes in local neighborhoods
  4. Assignment from leaders: if you don’t have clarity, one of the trainers will assign a location

This is not the only solution out there but is an extremely helpful step towards mobilizing believers to reach their relational network.  What are you finding helpful to mobilize believers to reach their relational network?

One thought on “Ray Vaughn Addresses the Challenge of Training to Reach Oikos but Modeling HoP Search

  1. Relational sponsorship has worked well for me. A Yellow or Green light in one social network or family leads to another social network. Asian culture is wired on these degrees of relational separation.

    My Oikos map was about 90% red lights but 4 months of prayer later and some changed to yellow and green. Another 4 months later and the lights have changed some more. Keep circling back around without getting bogged down that your relatives and friends are all resistant to Jesus.

    My dad took 20 years to turn from red to green, still waiting on others; I am now in year 26 of praying. How is your perseverance with those key relationships God has entrusted to you?

    We all may slow down or be discouraged with the red light folks but remember: The Harvest is plentiful! Luke 10:2. Keep looking.

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