Bryan King: Movement in Tulsa [AUDIO]

[NOTE: Tulsa update begins at 8:00 mark]

God is MOVING in North American cities!  It is exciting to see leaders, families and churches actively engage in making disciples who make disciples and starting new churches that start new churches!  Once such city with leaders pursuing #NoPlaceLeft vision is Tulsa, OK (click here for interview about Tulsa with Steve Addison on Movements podcast).  One of the key leaders God is using in Tulsa is Bryan King of Cedar Ridge Christian Church.  In preparation for an upcoming 3-touch swarm training in Grenada (April 30-May2) with Jude Hector, Bryan cast vision by telling the story of they are seeing God do in Tulsa.  We caputured the audio & posted on Soundcloud.  There are loads of gold nuggets dropped in this audio interview.  We would love to hear what stands out to you!

Please pray for God’s work in Tulsa & Grenada!

Check out our training schedule if you are interested in attending a 3-Touch Training or contact us directly if you would like to host one in your city.

How are you seeing God moving in your city?  What are you learning?  We would love to hear from you!


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