Who is a Person of Peace? [VIDEO]

What/who is a person of peace?

The “person of peace” strategy was developed by Pastor Tom Wolfe based on  Luke 10:6.  We would describe them as someone who:

  1. Receives the Messenger 
  2. Receives the Message (repent & believe in the gospel)
  3. Receives the Mission (take the gospel to their friends, family & community)

Check out John 4 & look at the example of the Samaritan woman at the well.  Who did Jesus use to reach the town of Sychar?  Who did she go to after she believed?  When did she go?  What was her message?  What was the impact on her city?

Are there other examples in the Bible?  What about the demoniac in Mark 5? Or Lydia and the Philippian jailer in Acts 17?  Or Cornelius in Acts 10 and Zacchaeus in Luke 19.  Can you think of other examples in the Bible where God uses an insider to reach a family, group and/or community with the gospel?

When seeking to catalyze movements, finding the “persons of peace” in the community are extremely important.  They are the plan God uses to take the gospel to their network and facilitate gospel saturation and Kingdom multiplication in the community.

Do you know how to find a person of peace?  What are you learning from the harvest?  How are you locating them?  We would love to hear your person of peace stories.


One thought on “Who is a Person of Peace? [VIDEO]

  1. Matthew Levi gathered his tax collectors at his home to hear Jesus.
    Peter and Andrew hosted Jesus in their home which was Jesus’ place of ministry in Capernaum.
    These examples new disciples assist Jesus in reaching their oikos.

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