Pastor Georges Teared Up Every Time He Mentioned Haitians Far From God

Pastor Georges
Pastor Georges of Peniel Haitian Baptist Church of Lake Worth, FL

This week, Steve Wright & I met with a pastor from Haiti who planted a church in South Florida in the 1990’s.  Peniel Haitian Baptist Church of Lake Worth has since grown into one of the largest Haitian churches in South Florida.  As we met together to learn from what they are doing and offer ourselves to serve the church leadership, we discussed the gospel need among Haitian people.  Every time he mentioned Haitians who were far from God, Pastor Georges would tear up.  Every single time!  It was deeply moving.  Especially considering how much fruit God has produced through his ministry the past 20 years, it was evident that Pastor George has God’s heart for the people of Haiti–to the point of tears!  He has a holy discontentment and is broken for the lost.  Pastor Georges is an excellent example of the “Pastors of Peace” we are praying for in the community:

  1. Broken for lostness
  2. God-sized vision
  3. Humility & desire to learn

When we encounter pastors/church leaders like this, we believe our role as catalysts is to:

  1. PRAY for them like crazy
  2. SERVE them like crazy (train, etc at the pace of Holy Spirit through church leadership)
  3. LEARN from what God is doing in/through them

We are setting up a pre-training with his leaders in a couple months and then will begin 3-touch training process.  Would you please pray for Pastor Georges, Peniel Haitian Baptist Church of Lake Worth and the 1million+ Haitians in Florida they are hoping to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Will you pray for other pastors, leaders and churches in North America whom God is stirring towards movement?  May we press on in our Kingdom labor…until there is #NoPlaceLeft!



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