Surfers Pursuing #NoPlaceLeft

Braden - Daytona
Braden Olsen (C) praying with a guy who chose to follow Jesus after hearing the 3 Circles gospel presentation during a surf context at Daytona Beach.  Dylan is beginning discipleship with Rick the youth pastor using commands of Christ this week at the beack.

A couple weeks ago, Braden & Brock (16) Olsen, Kylie Price (17), Malachi (11), Isaiah (9) & I met with Pastor Robbie O’Brien and leaders from Salty Church (also part of Christian Surfers International) to model sharing the gospel in the harvest during a local surf contest at Daytona Beach.  I (Troy) met with Pastor O’Brien to share about the 4 Fields process and our 3-Touch training plan while the”modelers” took Salty leaders out to engage in gospel conversations using the 3 circles.  PRAISE JESUS that one surfer chose to repent and believe in Jesus (see photo above).  Braden led him through follow-up by offering baptism (Acts 2:38-39), setting identity (2 Corinthians 5:17-21) & setting up the meeting (time/place/people) to begin discipleship with the Salty youth pastor using the Commands of Christ.

Salty Church is beginning 3-Touches of Gospel Conversations Training beginning on Saturday, May 7.  Pray for us as we facilitate this training and see God move among the harvest while raising up local leaders.  We are also praying God will use these leaders to roll training out to churches affiliated with Christian Surfers International…until there is #NoPlaceLeft!

NPL Surf
#NoPlaceLeft Surfers logo created by Brian Hayden

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