Oklahoma Church Mobilizes Their First Long-Term Missionary Team!

Cedar Ridge Church commissioning two families they trained over the past 2 years to serve as full time missionaries in South Asia.

3 years ago, God gave the elders of Cedar Ridge Church in Broken Arrow, OK a vision to make 1000 disciples from the harvest & mobilize 50 long-term missionaries to South Asia in 10 years. That is a God-sized vision we were excited to serve!

After a year-long 4 Fields Training Cycle (learn more), they launched their own 2-year Residency Training to equip church planters & missionaries from their own community. It was $0, but costs people their lives. In May 2018, they completed their first Residency Training & this past Sunday, commissioned the Spencer & Long families as the first full-time missionary team to South Asia.

Their 2nd residency training just launched with 12 participants—including a family who was reached in the community & is called to the nations. PRAISE JESUS!!!

Cedar Ridge is one of many churches we’ve served across North America who have a God-sized vision & are equipping their own people who accomplish it. It’s exciting to see what God is doing through existing churches to equip & mobilize great commission teams locally & globally. Why not join us?

Does your church want to be equipped to make disciples, start churches and/or mobilize missionary teams? You can do it, we can help. Please contact us here to learn more. We love to connect & serve your church. The training & coaching is free, but it will cost you your life.

Listen to the Cedar Ridge Story:

Movements Podcast #1

Movements Podcast #2

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