People Are Wide Open To The Gospel Right Now!

I got an encouraging text from my buddy Zach Medlock in Memphis yesterday. He enthusiastically shared that his wife Calley put out an Instagram invite (see below) to look at stories of Jesus from the Bible together. NINE people (yes, 9) showed up to an online Bible study via Zoom. It took less than an hour. They’re all meeting with her again next week.

Zach & Calley were so blown away by the response that they’ve encouraged everyone in their church to start an online Bible Stories of Hope study with one or more of their family, friends & neighbors. I got another exciting text from Zach this morning that a business leader in their church posted a similar social media invite and 13 people showed up to get hope from a Bible story of Jesus with him online!

So simple. So effective. Anyone can do this. Jesus is using a willing businessman & mom of an infant in Memphis to reach their friends & family with the hope of the gospel — even from quarantine.

So what about you?  Do you realize that Jesus wants to use YOU in this unique time of need & spiritual openness?  Will you prayerfully consider inviting someone to look at Bible stories of hope with you online (Zoom, Facebook Messenger video, Instagram, FaceTime, etc) or over the phone? We know you can do it. It’s so simple. 

If you need help, CLICK HERE to view a simple one-pager with meeting format & a set of Bible Stories of Hope that we’re using. No matter what you use, remember that the Bible is sufficient!

Are you willing?  Please comment or email us to let us know. Rachel, Mayah & I are excited to each start one ourselves. We’d love to pray for you & learn together from what you’re doing!

People are wide open to the gospel right now. Let’s not miss this opportunity to be used of God to reach friends & family with the hope of Jesus — even from quarantine.

Calley shared this simple invitation on Instagram to discover hope from Bible stories of Jesus.
After 9 people showed up to the online Bible Stories of Hope gathering, Calley & her husband Zach encouraged everyone in their church to prayerfully consider starting one themselves.
The next day, a Memphis businessman from their church put out a similar invitation on social media & 13 people showed up!

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