Our Mission Doesn’t Stop!

“Obstacles present the greatest opportunities for God to work”

Our mission does not stop. Jesus is moving in the midst of this mess. We’re working hard to continue shepherding our families, serving our neighbors, leading our team, spreading the gospel, equipping believers, starting churches & coaching leaders through this season of pandemic in a way that honors our leaders w COVID-19 restrictions.

People are scared. Communities are resisting panic. The lost are very open. Leaders are struggling for answers. Churches are longing for solutions to meet, worship & shepherd their people. (Many of these accomplished online)

If you would like to learn how to start a simple online Bible study with your friends & family, please let us know. If your church is still searching for answers in how to gather, we’re happy to help. Check out our training page for simple training videos.

We so appreciate your prayers as we work tirelessly to address the needs in front of us locally, nationally & around the world.

Jesus is moving in the midst of this mess. Our mission does not stop.

(Rick is a valuable member of our team but was not pictured because he was up all night working hard on some timely training videos. Stay tuned for more details)

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