Surfers & Skaters Reaching Mexico!

Praise Jesus! Just received an exciting update from Mexico City where a Christian Surfer missionary we’re coaching equipped a group of Christian skatersi in 411 disciple making training & they took it back Thank to their friends who weren’t able to attend. We love seeing training multiply that equips others to make disciples! “There are 1.4 million skaters, and just 20 followers of Jesus in their Christian Skaters Mexico group. But they are going after the lost in a very enthusiastic way.” This is just one of many regular reports we receive from Mike & Vanessa who are regularly equipping leaders and engaging lost people with the Gospel. They are faithful to Jesus & His mission!

Would you pray for the gospel to spread among 1.4 million skaters & 21+ million people of Mexico City (one of 5 Mega-cities in the Western Hemisphere)! Pray also for Mike & Vanessa who are laboring faithfully & leading 4Fields strategy among the 129 million in Mexico 🇲🇽!

Mike+Vanessa Allbutt & their 4 amazing kids serve as full time missionaries in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. They are laboring to see #NoPlaceLeft across Mexico!

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