Meet Aunt Delana: Our Family Person of Peace

Aunt Delana was the person of peace God used to bring the gospel to our family.

This past weekend we were in Indianapolis, IN for my (Troy’s) 98-year-old grandmother’s funeral. She lived a full life! She loved others and was deeply loved. At the age of 82 she chose to make Jesus her Lord and Savior. But that’s not where it started…it started 35+ years ago with a school administrator named Dr Ron McGraw. He shared the gospel of Jesus with his neighbor, my Aunt Delana Hughey. Upon believing in Jesus, Delana led my aunt Carol to Christ who led my parents to Christ who my his sister Keri (Braden’s mom) to Christ who led Me to Christ. And from there the gospel continue to spread through our family has other aunts and uncles and cousins and eventually grandparents chose to surrender to Jesus. God used that simple act of obedience to bring salvation to our entire family through multiplication! Delana was the “person of peace” whom God used to bring the gospel into our entire family (4 generations).
What is a “person of peace”? We get the term from Luke 10 when Jesus sent the disciples out in pits. For examples of “persons of peace” from the Bible, see passages like John 4, Mark 2, Mark 5, Acts 10 & Acts 17 (among others). As you read these accounts from Scripture, you’ll notice that the “person of peace”:

1. Receives the messenger (believer)

2. Receives the message (gospel)

3. Receives the mission (is used by God to bring the gospel into their family/community)

How did the gospel come into your family? Was there a person of peace in your family? As you seek to obey Jesus’ great commission, pray for Him to lead you to the persons of peace in your community. If you want simple training to learn how, contact us at
Until there is #NoPlaceLeft!

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