OKC 4 Fields Training | Sept 27-30 #NoPlaceLeft

4Fields OKC

#NoPlaceLeft OKC 4 Fields Training | Sept 27-30
Participants will discover the 5 aspects of Jesus’ pattern for Kingdom growth from the Bible using the 4 Fields process. They will learn and experience Biblical principles and best practice tools for the multiplication of healthy disciples, groups and churches.

Details/Registration (Required): Click Here

Pre-Training Homework
Read the gospel of Luke and book of Acts and document Jesus’ & the disciples’ strategies for:
1. Entry strategy – how did they enter a new town & connect with people?
2. Evangelism – How did they share the gospel (what was the message)?
3. Discipleship – How did they equip new disciples to obey Jesus?
4. Church Formation – How did they form communities of disciples and help them become healthy?
5. Leader Development – How did they raise up, identify, equip and empower leaders to multiply the entire process
6. What was the role of suffering/persecution in Kingdom growth?
7. What was the role of the Holy Spirit in Kingdom Growth?

Sun, Sept. 27: 5-8pm
Mon, Sept. 28: 9am-5pm
Tue, Sept. 29: 9am-5pm
Wed, Sept 30: 9am-5pm

Dave + Ann Miller, Carter + Hannah Cox, Dylan Salvo,Troy Cooper, TBA

Eagle Heights Church | Oklahoma City, OK (Map)


All funds will be used to offset travel expenses of trainers.

Details/Registration (Required): Click Here

CLICK HERE for other upcoming trainings.

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