Do you use shyness as a reason for not making disciples? Do you know someone who thinks they are too shy to make disciples? This post from Multiply will be helpful.


Note from the editor:  Share your experiences and questions related to disciple-making in the comments portion below or on Facebook. As you share your stories with us and others, we’ll address your most common questions.



I’m discipling four guys and it has been an awesome experience. One of the four I’m using the Multiply book as a sort of curriculum for the process and its nice to see how he is growing in the Lord through this ministry. Some hurdles for me are the fact that I am more introverted than extroverted so I enjoy being alone so that makes it hard to do life with people.”                            – E.B.M.

 “I’m an introvert as well but need God’s grace to help spread his message to all people groups of the world.”   – Ray…

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