Have you seen “The Bible” Mini-Series on The History Channel?


Being a missionary in Japan who does not have access to The History Channel, I know little about The Bible Mini-Series currently airing but have seen lots of people commenting on it via social media. I am not at all inviting a discussion or debate from Christians on the series. As I stated already, geography keeps me from being able to view it for myself.  What I do want to ask is: regardless of your opinion on the series itself, couldn’t Christians use the public’s recent interest in this program as an opportunity to invite unchurched individuals to study the real Bible with them?

Sample Conversation:
-Christian: “Have you seen or heard about that Bible series on the History Channel?”
-Unchurched Person: “Yeah, people are talking about it” (or something like that)
-Christian: “Have you ever read the Bible? Would you be interested in reading or studying it with me? It is incredible!” (or something like that)
…AND THEN DO IT! Begin the Bible study with them! If you need help in how to lead a Bible study, ask one of your pastors, check out this resource or contact me  (CoopersOnAMission@Gmail.com) and I will teach you how.  Don’t allow the excuse of being unequipped keep you from obedience.
IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that the goal is NOT to endorse nor criticize the TV-series  but to invite people into an actual study of the Bible with you.  If they have questions about the series or observations that concern you, use it as a chance to show them the truth from the Bible “but do it with gentleness and respect” (I Peter 3:15).

A few things to remember if you are a Christian:
-The majority of people in America who do not attend church ARE interested in studying the Bible with a friend.
-The power is in God’s Word (Hebrews 4:12, Romans 10:17) and His Spirit (John 15:5), not your words or a TV program.
-God is passionate about His glory among the nations (Malachi 1:11, Psalm 67:4, Acts 1:8)…all nations…including the people around you.
-God’s plan is to use YOU to spread His Word to those around you (Matthew 28:18-20, Romans 10:13-17)
-If you ask God to help you obey Him, He will answer (John 15:7, John 14:13).

You can do it!  I encourage you to pray for an opportunity to invite someone to study the Bible with you and ask God to help you obey once that opportunity comes along (He will answer).  Whether or not you choose to use the TV-Series as a gateway conversation is up to you.  Sitting still or remaining silent is not an option Jesus gives us in the Great Commission: “Go…make disciples…baptize them…teach them to obey all I have commanded you…I am with you always”. 

Trust me, you will LOVE experiencing God work through you as you rely on Him to obey (John 15:10-11).  I would enjoy hearing any updates on how you see God working through you to reach others with His Word.  I would be happy to pray for you.  Feel free to email me at CoopersOnAMission@Gmail.com

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