Praise God for a new disciple-maker to reach Sapporo, Japan!

Praise God for a new disciple-maker to reach Sapporo, Japan!

After 2 months of studying the Bible with Hiraku (left, 17) and Seiya (right, 14), Seiya’s 8th grade classmate (middle) believed in Jesus and is being discipled by Hiraku & Seiya to reach his friends & family! Pray for his faith to grow and that God will use Him to make new disciplers among the unreached of Japan!

2 thoughts on “Praise God for a new disciple-maker to reach Sapporo, Japan!

  1. Please know that the Children at the First Wesleyan Church in Bradford, PA will be praying for you on Sunday, April 14th. We are studying missions this month with kids and we will be focusing on Japan that week. May God bless your ministry.
    *I took the liberty to print off some of your blog post/family picture to share with the kids….Hope that was okay.*

    1. Greetings from Japan!! I am so sorry that I am just now viewing this comment. We are humbled and encouraged that you would think of us and that the children of First Wesleyan in Bradford prayed for us last month. What a joy to serve as part of God’s family to advance His Kingdom and to know that children in PA prayed for us. God bless you and your ministry. Thank you for your encouragement and prayer support.

      grace & peace,
      Troy Cooper

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