3 thoughts on “New NPL Logo by Carter Cox

  1. Hi guys i saw an interview you did online where you mentioned making discuples who make disciples. I was a leader of a large church in the uk, untill a man froze to death on the streets. This compelled me to look afresh at the bible and after hearing a chinese church overseer preach about disciplship i realised i hadnt made any, nor was i one myself. And so i looked at our leaders vision and again saw that the pyramid structure we had wasnt conducive to outreach and disciplship due to the programme, the people attending had become consumers of a product we served, and sadly not disciple makers as were commanded to be. So after trying to affect change with no joy i decided if the people couldnt come to a building od try to take the building to them. Weve done that now for over a year, its been hard and like being in a wasteland. Weve now gathered 3 prople who are commited to the process of being doers of the word and at present we are going through he beatitudes. My question is this, as well as felloshipping together and eating together etc were also going out into the streets and communities feeding people and loving the world and building relationships etc but its not converting into disciples in a way i envisaged, its my heart for all the body to be obediant to make disciples etc and for the chirch to be revived into this work, disciples who make disciples. Im intelligent, walk with God 17yrs, got saved in prison, married 15yrs with children, i also offer time and counsel to a few men Gods put around me, and id love to have them join what im doing too but would rather they felt called to walk with me etc. The reason i mention being intelligent is that i have no education do i can doubt myself in terms of for example where you said would you like to study the bible, i love tje word amd know it but wouldnt know where to start. Sorry for waffling but i felt a connection to what your living out as i feel its what God called us out to do, your just doing it right lol x love Paul and Stella and family x

    1. Paul: Thank you for sharing your story. What an encouragement to hear what God has done in your life & your desire to follow Him at any cost. I love hearing about your team that is forming. Would love to connect & learn more and see how we can serve you, brother.

      1. Thats great brother i may have a sent another comment please ignore that, just the same desperate plea i think ha ha, please feel free to contact me via the email, id love simply to hear how youve found it etc, England is spiritually on the floor but i believe God os willing to move again, and i want to be a vessel for him to do that. But im looking around and most church plans are 2yrs and 5yrs and 10yrs etc but im wondering why, surely God can move faster than that amd build churches faster than that if we submit to hos blueprint etc. Truth is doing it can feel lonely bro alot of people are too happy to do Sunday church, but i know like a fire in dry sticks once the spark comes the whole body will believe again xx

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