What is 411 Training?

What is “411 Training”?  411 is a simple, reproducing training that equips believers to begin making disciples by answering…

  • 4 questions in
  • 1 hour on
  • 1 sheet of paper

This was patterned after Ying Kai & Steve Smith’s “Why, Whom, How” training.  We added a “When” to include controllable goals.  The goal was to provide a reproducing training for believers to equip others with.   Our local team includes the 411 Training format in our 3-Touch Gospel Conversations training rollout.

The 411 Training outline (video):
INTRO: Matthew 28:18-20
1 WHY make disciples? – Identity (2 Corinthians 5:17-21)
2 WHO to share with? – Oikos map (John 17:20, 2 Tim 2:2)
3 WHAT to say? – Your 15-sec Story + 3 Circles + Follow Up
4 WHEN to obey? – Controllable Goals (Matt 7:24, 26 / Rom 12:1-2)
-Pray daily
-Fast weekly
-Share gospel this week
-Train believer(s) in 411 this week

Click Here to view Presentation Slides of the 411 Training content.
Click Here to view video of online 411 Training.
App: Android | Apple 411 Training App with training content (Greg Rohler)

What reproducing training are you seeing fruit with as you equip others to make disciples who make disciples?   We would love to learn from what you are doing!


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