Our Upcoming Training Schedule — Join us!

Stuart HoP David

Wanna get equipped to make disciples? Check out the #NoPlaceLeft Training Schedule which includes our upcoming Gospel Conversations trainings (see below).  We would love for you to join us!
-Sept 24: Costa Rica w Christian Surfers International (1st touch)
-Oct 1: Salty Church in Ormond Beach, FL (3rd touch)
-Oct 8-9: Grenada w Jude Hector (2nd touch)
-Oct 14-15: Toronto w Fellowship Oshawa (3rd touch)
-Oct 29: New Jersey/Philly w Trinity Christian Chapel (1st touch)
-Nov 5: San Francisco Area (3rd Touch)
-Nov 14-17: Houston 4-Day 4 Fields Training for Planters + Catalysts at Sugar Creek Baptist
-Nov 18-19: Tulsa Midlevel Training at Cedar Ridge Christian Church
-Dec 3: New Jersey/Philly atTrinity Christian Chapel (2nd touch)
-Jan 25-28: South Florida 4-Day 4Fields Training for Planters + Catalysts
-Feb 6-9: Dallas 4-Day 4 Fields Training for Planters + Catalysts

Can’t find any trainings in your area?  Check out www.noplaceleft.net for more options or contact us to schedule a training.


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