What is MAWL? [VIDEO]

In this video, Dr Curtis Sergeant of 1Body Ministries explains the MAWL principle for raising up leaders.

Simply put, “MAWL” stands for:
Leave (or Launch)

Instead of just teaching and passing along information, when raising up trainers, it is important to model skills then assist them as they practice and then watch them lead on their own with the goal of launching them to lead independently with competence & confidence.

We pattern our “3-touch” training  plan around the MAWL principle.

  • 1st touch: Model training  (100% outside trainers)*
  • 2nd touch: Assist training (50% outside trainers / 50% new local trainers)
  • 3rd touch: Watch training (0% outside trainers / 100% local trainers)

*Note: Our goal is to utilize local leaders/trainers as much as possible.  We will pull people up during the training during practice (great way to identify trainers).  We have also started training local leaders ahead of time online so we can utilize them during the 1st training.  Lastly, for each touch, we have every swarm team members practice their part the night before so they are competent & confident.

How are you seeing MAWL playing out as you raise up leaders and teams?  What are you learning about multiplying leaders?

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