Abiding in Christ with Chuck Wood

Woods & Coopers Pic
Chuck & Deb Wood are global movement pioneers whom we love & learn tons from!

Our dear friend & movements sage, Chuck Wood of San Antonio has put out a video series on abiding in Christ that is based on John 15.  Check out the videos he has posted so far.  Click here to follow Chuck’s YouTube Channel which is packed with excellent resources!

Abiding in Christ w Chuck Wood (John 15)
1 VIDEO: Introduction
2 VIDEO: Holy Spirit
3 VIDEO: Word of God
4 VIDEO: The Lord’s Prayer
5 VIDEO: Praying Through Scripture
6 VIDEO: Quick Bible Study

NOTE: We have updated our “Excellent Resources” page including new videos, materials, blogs, practicing churches/organizations and layout.  Check out the “Quick Links” section at the top where you’ll find the most used resources.  We also recommend our local team’s page #NoPlaceLeft Florida (a Carter Cox creation) and, of course, the NoPlaceLeft.net page.

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