Get To Know Our Strategic Global Missionary Partners


Strategic Global Missionary Partnerships: A key part of our vision is to mobilize missionaries among the unreached around the globe.  To help us accomplish this vision we have formed strategic partnership with missionaries serving among unreached communities outside the USA.  We have close personal relationships with these missionaries and are committed to prayer for them, provide for them and raise up laborers to help them accomplish their respective visions.

GO Trips: One practical way for us to serve them is through “GO trips” (short term missions trips).  GO trips serve to equip believers for effective disciple-making ministry, expand their global vision for the unreached, involve them in spreading the gospel among the unreached and helping them identify their role in global missions (Go, Send or Pray).  If you would like to participate in one of our GO trips (Japan, Southeast Asia, St Kitts Island), please contact us at
NOTE: Our official GO Trips will begin in 2015.  Details will be available this Summer.

Get to know our Strategic Global Missionary Partners: We absolutely love our missionary partners.  They are not only dear friends to us, these people love Jesus and are committed to making His Name great among the nations.  They all have vision to multiply disciples and churches with T4T process as their strategy.  Take some time to browse their blogs, profiles and Facebook pages.  Get to know them.  Sign up for a GO trip to meet them personally and walk with them.  We also strongly encourage you to pray for them and support them financially.  These are people, families and Kingdom ministries worth investing in.

Japan (Tokyo) – David & Danielle Cervenka
-Facebook: David + Danielle
Video Updates
Support the Cervenka Family

Southeast Asia (Thailand & Laos) – partner names not listed for security purposes
Mekong Kingdom Movements
Asian Rough Rider
Video Updates
Support their ministry  (Select “So General Fund: L88050”)

St Kitts Island (West Indies) – Jordan & Kristen McGaughey
-Facebook: Jordan + Kristen
McG Missions Blog
Support the McGaughey Family

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