Black Friday Bible Study | FREE Resources

Our son Malachi (8) leading discovery Bible study (Story of Hope #1 – Luke 7:39-50) with his friends during a sleepover.

So there you are recovering from the glorious meal and family fun from yesterday.  In the midst of all the eating, laughing, games and football some spiritual comments or conversations emerged with a friend or family member who has not yet followed Jesus (or claims to but is not reflective in their life).  You have a few possible responses to this opportunity:
1) Ignore it and do nothing (we want to keep the peace, right?)
2) Debate the truth with them (proving we’re correct will win them over, right?)
3) Give them a sermon, book or podcast (the professional can share much better than we can, right?)
4) Open up (or turn on) your Bible and invite them to examine the truth with you from the source.

I would like to propose response #4.

I am sure you are thinking “I have no idea how to lead them through this!” or “Where do it begin?” or “What if I cannot answer a question?”.  Lay your concerns to rest.  You know Jesus has all authority in heaven and earth, that He desires to use you to help this person discover the truths of Jesus and His Kingdom and that He is with you…always…even now (see Matt 28:18-20).  Are you at least willing to pray and ask Him to give you the faith and courage to let Him use you?  Good.  Now if you need a resource to help you lead your friend/family member to the saving & sanctifying truths of God’s Word, I would highly recommend a discovery Bible study.  There are a number of them out there, like the following:

Any of these has proven to be fruitful.  It is not the format that yields fruit but the fact that each of these invites people to engage with the Bible to see what is in there and what it asks of us.  We have seen people all over the world respond with repentance and faith to these simple, participatory Bible studies.

Whether you use one of these or another Bible study, we encourage you to invite your friends, family, co-workers, teammates, classmates, neighbors, etc. who are far from God to engage in a study of the Bible with you.  Remember, “43-61% of non-Christians who do not attend church will not if you invite them but WILL study the Bible with a friend.” (Ed Stetzer, Lost and Found)  Be that friend today.  Make this the bestest black Friday every!!

You can check out these and other discovery Bible studies (DBS) as well as other helpful (free) resources in our Disciple-Making Resources page.  If you have any questions about getting started or what to do next once you have started, please feel free to contact us at

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