Disciple-Making 101 is Equipping Fruitful Disciples Locally and Globally

Our Disciple-Making 101 training is being used to equip believers in churches, companies, organizations, schools, homes, restaurants, coffee shops and online all across the USA and around the world to actively engage in God’s mission to make + multiply disciples of Jesus Christ using T4T Process.  To God be the glory!  Below is a snapshot of what the training covers and seeks to accomplish.

1) WHY Make Disciples?
-His Name (Malachi 1:11)
-His Command (Matthew 28:18-20)
-Learn Bible study method

2) WHO is your mission field?
-creating a “name list”
-praying for your mission field
-seeking “persons of peace” = respond to the gospel & used by God to reach a group of people

3) WHAT do you share?
a. Your story (testimony)
b. God’s story (simple gospel presentation)
c. Discovery Bible study (Bible study w non-Christians) 
        -DBS examples: 8-Lesson Survey of Mark7 Stories of Hope, Thru the Bible

4) HOW do you disciple believers?
-Short-term discipleship: equip new believers to grow & live on mission (8 lessons)
-Long-term discipleship: community of believers using “three-thirds” discipleship format to share
life, study the Bible for obedience and live on mission together

5) MULTIPLICATION of disciples, groups and/or churches

Interested in Training?: If you have questions or are interested in Disciple-Making 101 training in your church, company, organization, school, coffee shop, home or online, please contact us at CoopersOnAMission@Gmail.com or 317.501.4132

Speak to a Trainee: If you would like to speak with someone in a similar context as you who has completed the training, let us know and we will connect you with them.

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