12-year-old makes a new disciple of Jesus…using food!

Note: This is an actual email submitted by a housewife/mother of 4 in Fishers, IN whose family (including her children) has been equipped in T4T disciple-making process.  Her son is 12 years old and was used by God to share the gospel, lead a Bible study and disciple a young neighbor.  This account is real but the names of this email were changed to maintain privacy of the family.

Dear Pastor Gary:
 I just have to share this story with you.  There’s a little boy in our neighborhood, Chris, who has kind of been my son TIm’s shadow since they moved in last summer.  He’s only 7, but he loves sports and doesn’t have much supervision at home so Tim entertains him.  I’ve been telling Tim for awhile that Chris is in his sphere of influence so he should look for opportunities to share Jesus with him. Even though I’ve been saying this for months, it still surprised and awed me to hear what happened tonight.
Apparently Chris started talking about his understanding of heaven and how you die and come back as a cow or something else.  Tim told me he thought ‘ok that’s it we’re doing a Bible study right now!’ So he asked Chris if he would do one.  Then Tim came inside and got food, yes FOOD out of the pantry in order to explain the bridge!  (You’re gonna love the creativity here.) He got this edible seaweed that my husband had brought back from Korea and spelled hell with it.  Then he spelled God in candy corn and made a bridge with Pringles.  He had Chris taste the seaweed, which of course was nasty and disgusting, to discuss hell and how awful it is.  I’m sure you can figure how he used the other foods to explain the rest. Tim amazed us all with how he handled the whole thing.  Chris prayed with him to accept Jesus, asked a ton of questions, and wants to know more Bible stories.  Tim is so excited at how receptive he is.  This made my night!  I am SO thankful for what the kids have learned to do with their faith. Can you imagine what our youth are going to grow up and do?!!  I stand in awe.  God is so good!

How exciting to see God using a 12-year-old boy to reach out to his neighbor with the love of Jesus.  Was is even more exciting is that this same boy was equipped in a simple, repeatable disciple-making process that he used to share the gospel, lead a Bible study and then disciple this new believer to grow in his faith and repeat with his friends and family.  This is not a testimony of the process but of the power of God and works through those who will obey Him.  It helps to have a simple Biblical process to execute but the power is from the Holy Spirit.  God works mightily through those who obey.

Are you allowing God to work mightily through you?  Do you have a simple Biblical process of making disciples that you are equipped with?  If you need to be equipped, then get equipped (we would be happy to help).  The truth is, the 12-year-old could equip you just as well as I could.  That is the goal–to multiply disciple-making disciples.  Trust the Lord and step out in faithful obedience then watch Him work for His glory!

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