What is Disciple-Making 101 Training?

Disciple-Making 101 Training will equip individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds with the biblical conviction, process and tools to effectively make disciples who make disciples.  This hands-on, interactive training includes:

  • Cultivating a Biblical conviction for disciple-making
  • Clarifying Biblical motivation for disciple-making 
  • Identifying lost people on the mission field of your life
  • Learn how to pray for lost people in your community
  • Learn how to share the gospel naturally
  • Learn how to lead a simple Bible study with non-Christians
  • Learn how to disciple a new believer in fundamentals of the faith from the Bible
  • Learn how to effectively disciple a believer to become an actively growing disciple-maker

If you are interested in participating in Troy’s Disciple-Making 101 Training in Indianapolis or online or if you would like Troy to come speak on an individual topic or lead the training with your group, please contact us at CoopersOnAMission@Gmail.com.  

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