Praise God! Aya believed in Jesus!

Dearest Ministry Support Family:

Hallelujah from Japan!  We are very excited to report that after 5 months of personal pursuit, multiple gospel conversations and (more recently) 4 discovery Bible Study lessons with Rachel, Aya repented of her sin and believed in Jesus today.  This 35-year-old single mom from Tessa’s Kindergarten was rejoicing with tears that her sins are forgiven and that she will spend eternity with Jesus in heaven.  After her profession of faith, Rachel quickly equipped her in how to share with her faith story with friends and family to help cultivate a vision for disciple multiplication.  She and Ruth (Kamidate) Washimi will continue leading Aya’s discipleship process together until we depart June 1 when Ruth will take over.  In addition, Aya will be plugged into a Harvest discipleship group with other women where they complete a T4T 3/3’s study of the Scriptures 2/month with goals of finding something to obey and someone to share with.  We want to thank you for your ongoing prayers and support.  We have been praying all year for Aya and her family.  We are rejoicing in the Lord that He is so gracious to save this precious Japanese woman.  We are continuing to pray for her friends and family to believe.
Thank you for your ongoing prayers, encouragement, love and support.  It is amazing to see God working among the unreached in Japan.  We love you, praise God for you and are praying for you.

in the grip of His grace,
Troy + Rachel Cooper
Mayah, Malachi, Isaiah, Tessa, Lucy

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