VIDEO: #NoPlaceLeft Documentary by Sugar Creek Baptist (Houston)

A few weeks ago, I was amazed as I watched the premier of this #NoPlaceLeft Documentary during the missions banquet at one of our partnering churches, Sugar Creek Baptist Church (Houston).  A huge thank you to Pastors Dave Grumme (Creative Communication) & Don Waybright (Mission) who had the vision and hard work to create this amazing video.  Our #NoPlaceLeft Florida Team is thankful to be part of the Sugar Creek’s USA missions strategy and humbled to be featured in the documentary (8:18) alongside men & women we look up to and learn from regulary.  This video is a powerful vision cast as it captures examples of what God is doing to radically multiply His Kingdom in Houston, the USA and around the world.

We praise the Lord for churches on mission like Sugar Creek Baptist and celebrate that there are more and more emerging.  We encourage you to watch the documetary and share it with others.  Most importantly, will you choose to obey Jesus’ great commission in Matthew 28:18-20 and make disciples until there is #NoPlaceLeft?

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One thought on “VIDEO: #NoPlaceLeft Documentary by Sugar Creek Baptist (Houston)

  1. Great video. I really pray for the ministries to really prosper and succeed in spreading God’s message of salvation. As a member of a church here in Houston, whose church is led by Pastor Keion,, I sincerely pray from the bottom of my heart that the ministries find the strength to endure challenges in the name of God.

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