Interested (or Terrified) to Raise Ministry Support? Read “The God Ask” by Steve Shadrach

95% of the “labor force” in movements needs to be bi-vocational.  That said, there are still the 5% who need to be support based (and we highly recommend that these people be catalytic–can start things, raise up leaders/teams and move on to start new works).  If  you believe the Lord may be leading you to a ministry that requires support raising (which can be scary), we highly recommend that you read “The God Ask” by Steve Shadrach.  We’d even challenge you to read the first chapter–it will change your view on support raising.

If you read the book and are serious about support raising, we highly recommend attending a Support Raising Solutions Boot Camp by Steve Shadrach.  Our full-time e3 Partners USA teammates who have attended the SRS boot camp are raising 100% of their support in 6 weeks – 6 months!

support-raising-solutionsSupport Raising Solutions usually hosts a Boot Camp each month in different cities across the country.  There are some coming up in:

Whether you need to raise full time or part time support, we highly recommend these resources.  We would love to know what you have found helpful with support raising.  Contact us at


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