Has anyone ever shared the gospel with you?

Nashville - Braden

Braden Olsen (R) transitioned a casual conversation to a gospel conversation at a Nashville restaurant.

“Has anyone ever shared the gospel with you?”

This simple question has been our most fruitful transition from an everyday conversation to a gospel conversation. We have found it works well with oikos (friends/family) & strangers.  [I (Troy) learned it from the man, the myth, the legend: Carter Cox].
If they say “no” then we reply:
“I’d like to show you a simple way. It will only take 2 minutes”
[share 3 circles]
If “yes” then reply:
“Has anyone ever shown you a simple way to share with others?”
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The average person has 27 conversations a day.  How are you transitioning from everyday conversations to gospel conversations?  We would love to learn from you!

2 thoughts on “Has anyone ever shared the gospel with you?

  1. What is your faith background?

    This has opened many a door for me, especially at work. It also tells you a lot about their past spiritual journey.

    Also, asking permission to share the gospel in a simple 2 minute story has made sharing at work much easier. If they say no thanks, I move on.

    Last, when talking about brokenness or mental health issues I introduce the mind, body and spirit approach to complete wellness. When I get to the Spirit aspect I ask about “faith background”.

    Hope this is helpful.

  2. 1. Turn this into a video clip.

    Make it interesting by interviewing Braden.

    2. Follow it up with a what to do next i.e.

    red, yellow, green, already Christian



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