The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth Manual – Spanish Edition

screen-shot-2014-10-09-at-8-12-33-am The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth by Nathan & Kari Shank is a guided self-discovery study of the Scriptures which helps individuals and groups identify and implement the 5 Parts of Jesus’ strategy for Kingdom Growth.  It is an excellent resource for those interested in radical obedience to Jesus’ Great Commission.  Thanks to our dear brother Pastor Jorge Molina of Christ Fellowship Miami (SBC), this resource is available in Spanish!  Please note the Spanish edition was translated from the 2007 English edition.

You can find this and other disciple+church multiplication resources available in our Excellent Resources page.



2 thoughts on “The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth Manual – Spanish Edition

  1. Reblogged this on Missio Links and commented:
    The “4 Fields” is a thoughtful process for determining how to enter, evangelize, and disciple a new mission field while building a leadership pool. A Spanish edition is now available….

  2. Really enjoyed the 4 Fields. Went through it with 3 other pastors 🙂

    Some typos to be helpful, NOT condemning.

    p 11- Heb 12:12 -> 12:1-2
    p. 38- Lk 10- great anyone-> greet anyone
    p. 104- not everything is my nature healthy–> in my nature
    p. 127- murders –>murderers
    p. 130- I Tess–>I Thess

    You all are a blessing

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