JUIO Network has Vision to Multiply 2020 Churches in US by 2020!!

Jesus Up-In-Out Network | www.JUIO.net If you have not done so already, you really should check out www.JUIO.net and learn more about the “Jesus Up-In-Out” Network being led by Chuck & Deb Wood (San Antonio, TX).  They have an exciting vision to see 2020 churches multiply in the US by the year 2020 using T4T process.  You will find a multitude of resources including training materials, video training sessions and lots of exciting updates of what God is doing across the US for His glory!  They also provide online training you can sign up for.

Pray for their 2020 churches in US by 2020 vision right now!
CLICK HERE to check out their website.

Troy & Chuck Wood at Midlevel T4T Training in Austin, TX | Dec 2013

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