Snowed in? How to experience church at home.


Are you snowed in? Is your Sunday worship gathering cancelled? Whatever your reason or motivation, we’d like to suggest a simple yet effective way to experience worship of Jesus together in your home (or any location). Simply follow these steps of the “Three Thirds” format:

First Third (<Look Back)
1. Mutual Care: have each person share a highlight and challenge from their week

2. Worship: sing 1-2 of your favorite worship song(s); use an iPod or YouTube lyric video (most worship lyric songs available on YouTube) to help lead.
Click Here for “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman

3. Loving Accountability:
-Go: How did you share Jesus with others last week?
-Grow: How did you obey Jesus & see Him work in your life last week?

4. Vision: share what God is doing around the world & in your area.

Second Third (^Look Up)
5. Bible Lesson: study a passage together for obedience. There are a number of study methods that work well with most any passage. For this lesson we’ll suggest the “SOS Method” of John 5:1-17 (Jesus heals the lame man | 1 of 7 miracles in John)

The “SOS Method” (Ying Kai):
a. Read the passage aloud 2-3 times
b. Discuss the following questions (include everyone)
Say: What does this passage say (observations)?
Obey: Is there anything from this passage to obey?
Share: What are interesting points from this passage you can share with others?

Final Third (>Look Ahead)
6. Practice if you’re using a Bible story for your lesson take turns telling the story & help each other with accuracy. After 3-5 times most will have the story memorized

7. Set Goals:
-Go: who (or where) will you share Jesus with this week?
-Grow: based on today’s Bible lesson, what is something you’ll obey this next week (relying on God’s power)?

8. Prayer: spend time in prayer responding to the lesson & asking The Lord to help you “go” & “grow” this week. Have each person commit to pray for the person on their right (and their go/grow goals) this week.

If you try this out, you won’t be alone…you’ll be joining millions all over the world who use this same “three thirds” format developed by Ying & Grace Kai (T4T architects). Whether you use this or another format (we’d love to learn from you), we encourage you to practice worship together as a family or group of friends wherever you are. If you give this a try, let us know how it goes!

Want to read more about T4T? Check out this article by Steve Smith or this book by Steve Addison “What Jesus Started“. To read about the T4T movement, check out the book “T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution” by Steve Smith & Ying Kai.


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