24-Hours of Adventure: Pray For Our Journey Back to USA.

Dearest Ministry Support Family:

This is our final greetings from Sapporo.  We are all packed up and leave on the first of 4 airplanes today for our 24-hour journey home (depart 1am June 1 Indy time & arrive June 2 at 1am).  Can you please please pray that our trip goes smoothly and that we will seize the gospel opportunities provided.  Pray especially for our connection in Los Angeles-LAX (June 1, 4:30-7:20pm EDT).  We have under 3 hours to clear immigration, claim our 14 suitcases, transport said 14 suitcases + carry-ons (this will be a fun adventure) through customs and make our flight…all with 5 jet lagged kids.  We trust the Lord to work in that situation and invite you to pray along with us.  Pray also for our kids as they say goodbyes and process everything over these next few weeks (it will hit them at different stages–and already has for a few of them).
It has been an incredible year filled with so much to praise & thank God for.  Thank you for your faithful prayers, encouragement and support.  We are humbled to have had this opportunity and excited to follow the Lord whole-heartedly where He leads us next!
in the grip of His grace,
Troy + Rachel
Mayah, Malachi, Isaiah, Tessa, Lucy

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