example of faith + obedience from a retired widow

One of the dear sisters (a retired widow residing in Michigan) who is participating in my (Troy) online disciple-making training prayed for boldness to share her faith story w a neighbor…then called the neighbor she prayed for & said “I am in a Bible training group and one of my assignments is to share what God has done in my life with someone.  Can you come to my house so I can share with you?” To which her neighbor said “yes”.

Praise God!  Pray for Mrs Gabrielson as she shares the gospel of Jesus with her neighbor by telling the powerful story of how God ministered to her through her husband’s passing, why she knows he is with Jesus and is certain she will be reunited with him one day in heaven.  I pray you will be encouraged by her example of faith & obedience!

What steps of faith & obedience will you take this week to reach a lost person on the mission field of your life?

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