Inviting Households in Sapporo, Japan to Study the Bible

Every week the Japanese believers of Grace Church Sapporo distribute thousands of gospel flyers to households (“posting”) or to people on the street (“haifu”). Our family loves to participate in this outreach to the community while also enjoying fellowship together with believers as we do side-by-side ministry. This month the front of the flyer invites people to begin a Bible study with us (English or Japanese). In this video, Mayah beautifully demonstrates posting for us. Thank you for your continued prayers for Japan as well as our family. Go make disciplers!

One thought on “Inviting Households in Sapporo, Japan to Study the Bible

  1. Love that she is so excited to be a part of the mission. You guys are great parents, teaching all those kids valuable lessons in what matters. Keep up the great work Coopers!

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