Want to study the #1 all-time global best-seller?

We have launched an initiative to begin discovery Bible studies with Japanese people in Sapporo, Japan with the goal of sharing the gospel and discipling new believers to reach their friends and family (multiplication).  I (Troy) am leading the “Study The Bible in English” initiative. The believers of Grace Church Sapporo have all been trained to lead Bible studies in Japanese.  We want English & non-English speaking Japanese to explore and discover the life-changing, transforming truths found in God’s Word!

The need: Would you pray that we can seek out & find spiritually interested people in Japan who will begin studying the Bible? Would you also pray they believe in Jesus and are used by God to reach their family and friends to begin a multiplying gospel movement in Hokkaido?

How about you?: Would you pray about seeking out non-Christians in your life to begin a Bible study? If you want to be trained, let us know! It is THE most important thing.

This video was created by Jon Mobley & Kachi Hatakeyama in an effort

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