It’s like family camp (Scenic Hills-ish)

Quick update: We are so thankful for the church community of Grace Church Sapporo. Weekends are like being at a family camp (Scenic Hills-ish) so the kids are having the time of their lives! Friends of all ages, sports, snacks, playing in the park, lots of laughs…we delight to see our kids plugging in. Isaiah was sick yesterday w fever & sobbed because he didn’t want to miss church w his friends. Malachi loves basketball & drums (he starts lessons w Hiraku next week). Mayah is a comedian making everyone laugh. Tessa is a princess & Lucy “Luzilla” is a small destructive (& cute) dinosaur. Rachel & I are loving this time together as a family before the kids start school. We’re also diving deep into our friendships & excited to cultivate more community. The church had a welcome party for us yesterday & have made us feel so loved & welcomed!

I (Troy) was able to preach Matthew 7:24-27 (this wise & foolish builder) yesterday in the service w Rachel interpreting. We LOVE doing ministry together. The music teams are skillfully led by the incredible Chris Juday–they are AMAZING! We love the chance to worship with everyone here!!

We are excited to have a gaijin (foreigner) party at Laura (Jarrett) & Keisuke Noguchi’s house tonight. Alicia Bechtle, Peter Timberlake, the Judays & us shall enjoy some sweet ‘Merica time together.

We love you all & appreciate your prayers. Thank you for your continued love, support & encouragement!

Prayer Needs:
-Praise: We have a sitter (Moe Watanabe) recruited for Tuesday night date nights.
-Praise: for the loving community God has placed us in
-House: getting things unpacked & set up w furniture, systems, etc this week
-School: we plan for kids to begin on Thursday so pray for their transition & gospel opportunities
-Family Ministry: wisdom & patience in patenting; protection & unity in marriage
-Japanese Ministry: there is no shortage of ministry opportunities among believers & the lost so pray we are wise & discerning with our time
-Salvation of the Japanese & for a discipler-making church planting movement to sweep this nation


One thought on “It’s like family camp (Scenic Hills-ish)

  1. We are praying continually for you guys, especially for jetlag and transition into your new life and ministry there in Sapporo. Blessings, Peggy B

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