Coopers On A Mission in Sapporo, Japan | JUNE 2012 Update – Landed in Japan Edition

Coopers On A Mission in Sapporo, Japan | June 2012 UPDATE – Landed in Japan Edition

Greeting Friends & Family:

We are overwhelmed by the encouragement, prayers & financial support the Lord has showered on us the past 2 months since we accepted the invitation to serve for 1 year at Grace Church Sapporo in Japan. We wanted to give you a quick update and share some prayer requests as we settle into our first week in Sapporo.

Smooth flight, warm reception: By God’s grace our trip to Sapporo was miraculously smooth.  No screaming or crying on the 26-hour trip that included 3 flights (the kids were good too).  Thank you for your prayers.  We were greeted in Sapporo by a warm welcome crew.  They are so loving and hospitable. They showed us to our new residence and had already set up beds, curtains, fridge, stove and other welcoming touches.  We are so blessed to be in this town home that borders the church property and to be a part of this church family.

Support Update: As of today we have 85 committed prayer supporters & thanks to a generous gift by Onward Church (Fishers, IN | Pastor Gary Stump) the Sunday before our departure, we have reached 100% support for our estimated budget (this includes monthly support). We will keep you posted of any unexpected needs.  Praise God for how He has abundantly provided in under 2 months. Thank you for your continued prayers & support. We are beggars for prayer.

Communication & Ministry Updates: We plan to post short updates & photos via Facebook, Twitter & our WordPress Blog & will post/email a monthly update that will include a summary, photos & prayer requests.

Noblesville Home Rented Out: God provided a renter to occupy our home in Noblesville while we are in Japan this year. A family signed the contract and moved in this week. Please pray for them as well as our neighbors in Brighton Knoll. We love them & have cultivated many friendships and trust the Lord to continue His work there while we are away.

Pre-tripTraining: Troy spent a week in Tennessee, North Carolina & South Carolina receiving training & coaching for disciple-making with missionaries & pastors. It was a sharpening & encouraging time for him as we prepare for our year of ministry at Grace Church Sapporo.

Kids in Japanese Elementary School: Mayah & Malachi began attending Yamahana Elementary School on Wednesday.  They both have incredible teachers who are helping the kids adjust to learning and connecting in an all-Japanese school.  They both write their names in Japanese and are beginning to learn more.  It is such a blessing for us to see them loving school and enjoying their new community here.  We are waiting on our alien registration cards (new rules apply July 2012 so there is a delay).  Once we have those, Isaiah will begin Kindergarten & Tessa will begin preschool.

Kicking off Ministry at Grace Church Sapporo: We have hit the ground running and are so excited to be a part of the vision to make disciple-making disciples who plant reproducing churches.  I had an encouraging meeting with Pastor Kamidate where we clarified my roles and determined a strategy for implementation
Disciple-making training: this will take place on Wednesday night as well as in the Life Club (JrHi/HS) and AFC (College) Ministries.
English Ministry: A huge draw here in Japan is English ministry.  Pastor has asked me to give pastoral leadership to the gifted team of teachers and leaders.  We are praying about starting a bi-monthly Sunday afternoon gathering with a T4T 3/3’s format that includes pastoral care, musical worship, accountability, vision, Bible study, application and prayer.  This will all take place in English with the goal of believers using the other 2 Sundays of the month to begin and lead their own studies in the community.  This will begin in August.
Personal Discipleship:  Troy has begun meeting weekly & 2/month for one-on-one discipleship with 5 guys from Grace Church and Rachel has already started with a girl.
Ministry Small Group: We have started a weekly Thursday night small group with the Judays & Washimis.  Both families serve on staff and also live in the church building.  We are so excited to dig deep into relationship and God’s Word with them.

Prayer Requests:
-Praise for His provision of prayer & financial support & ask for continued prayer support. We have 85 who have committed to pray for us daily or weekly & our goal is 100 prayer partners.
-Praise for refreshing family vacation on the beach in Mt Pleasant, SC. We are charged up & ready to go!!
-Praise: safe (& sane) flight, move-in, adjustment for kids, new school, new ministry
-Wisdom, patience & joy in parenting
-Protection, fortification & continued joy in our marriage
-New disciples: That God would use the Japanese believers of Grace Church Sapporo to share the gospel & disciple new believers who will reach their lost community to make new disciples. We are praying for 4 generations of new disciples in 12 months.

Thank you for your continued prayers & encouragement. Remember that if you are in Christ, you were saved By God’s mission for His mission & He wants to use you where you are to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20)! Will you pray for, pursue, proclaim the gospel & proliferate to multiply new disciplers for His glory! We love you & are praying for you as God uses you in your mission field. Thank you for praying as we strive to be faithful on ours in Japan.

In the grip of His grace,
Troy & Rachel Cooper
+ Mayah, Malachi, Isaiah, Tessa & Lucy


Grace Church Sapporo
2-28 Nishi 6, Minami 11, Chuo-Ku
Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0811 JAPAN
+81-(11)-513-5656 |

Coopers On A Mission
6910 Kingswood Drive Indianapolis, IN 46256 USA
(317) 501-3076 |

One thought on “Coopers On A Mission in Sapporo, Japan | JUNE 2012 Update – Landed in Japan Edition

  1. Troy and Rachel, We are so proud of you guys and from the immediate support and smooth transition, it is obvious to Abby and I that you are indeed in the “grip of His grace”. We love you and miss you, and are excited for the future and to continue to see what God does through your family as you put your faith to work for the Gospel.

    We miss and love you, Matt and Abby

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