Big News! We’re Moving Overseas!

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We have some exciting news to share: we’re moving overseas! After nearly 5 years of laboring as missionaries in greater Los Angeles with vision to reach the top 50 global cities, our family on mission is moving to Southern Europe to continue our missionary work of making disciple, starting churches, coaching leaders & forming missionary teams with focus on global cities on that side of the globe.

We’re excited to share more details of how God called us to this and what he’s calling us too, but here’s a few details for now:

How do you know it’s time to go?: We are rejoicing at God’s work the past 5 years across LA to multiply 43+ new churches, 1200+ baptisms, 6 US teams & 23 full-time global missionaries mobilized to the nations. We’re encouraged by the thriving network of leaders across LA/OC who have local ownership of the Great Commission task. After months of prayer, fasting and seeking wise counsel, we believe the Lord is calling our family to move to a city in Southern Europe to continue our work across global cities.

How do the kids feel? They’re all excited to follow Jesus & serve Him in this new work. It will be sad to leave friends, family & thriving ministry in LA but everyone is clear that God is calling us overseas to the work He has prepared for us. We’re encouraged & believe a big part of this move is our kids’ development & growth as Christ followers & missionaries. They’re actively involved in the work so will play a key role overseas.

When Are You Going? We’ll finish up our time in California mid-May after Malachi returns from a semester of missions in Central Asia & walks in his high school graduation ceremony. We’ll spend summer w family (TX, FL, IN) & work to raise our launch fund (moving overseas costs) before dropping off Malachi at Bible College & launch overseas end of September.

How Can We Give: Click Here to give to our launch fund. Same fund as before & excited to serve with e3 Partners. We also need an 8-seat vehicle for the Summer (June – Sept).

How can you pray?

Leaving well: Saying goodbyes (esp to Malachi, Mayah & DJ), encouraging leaders, time with family, time to reflect & learn, emptying the house (we’re not taking a moving truck) & releasing responsibilities.

Provision: We’ll need to raise our launch fund to cover the cost of flights, visas, furniture, vehicles, etc to move our family overseas. CLICK HERE to give. We also need an 8-seat vehicle for the Summer (June – Sept).

The Team: We’re excited to join a seasoned couple who has been mentoring us for the past 10 years. We’re joining a number of families serving across the regions and are excited about a few others who are praying about joining us locally in Europe.

The Work: Pray for laborers (Luke 10:2). That God will connect us with local leaders & disciples in Global Cities who we can serve, pour our lives into & learn from. “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few”

DJ & Mayah are staying in Newport to continue leading the local work. They’re raising support to serve full time. Click here to support them.

Malachi is finishing 3 months of missions work in Central Asia end of April & plans to continue in the work & attend Bible College next year. He currently plans to return to Southern California to continue the work. You can support him here.

THANK YOU for all your prayers & support the past 5 years in Southern California. We’re humbled by all God has done & are excited to follow Him overseas. Thank you for your continued prayers & support.

Love, The Coopers

2 thoughts on “Big News! We’re Moving Overseas!

  1. Hello Troy and Rachel,

    Exciting news about where the Lord is taking you next. Will pray for your family. Could you supply me with the best address of where to send a check(I use the old fashilned check!).. You can either text me 317 938 8202 or email. I ck texts daily – but am not regular with emails, sorry to say. I will be grateful for whichever is best for you. Realized when I read this that I failed to send a check for Malachi – had asked about this some time ago and I want to make it right.

    In Him, Rosemary Day

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