UPDATE: Family Mission Weekend in Phoenix

Our family spent the weekend visiting missionaries sent from our church (MVMT Church) & their church plant of mostly new believers in West Phoenix. Max & Sydnie Doty are doing a phenomenal job reaching the lost, discipling & leading the believers of Laborers Church. The gospel is being proclaimed, people are repenting of sin, believing, being baptized & discipled in the Word. Leaders are emerging. Believers are experiencing freedom in Christ & growing in love for Him. These sweet believers love one another so well! What a joy to see God’s Kingdom expanding in West Phoenix!

It was special to road trip on mission as a family of 7. With Mayah married & Malachi graduating in Dec / headed overseas in Feb, this is the “new” crew. They bring joy & encouragement and learn from what God is doing. The 14 hours of drive time allowed us to take in the sites, have extended conversations on all sorts of topics, worship, laugh & listen to the “Martyrs & Missionaries” Podcast (it’s so good). Special thanks to our friends Tim & Annie who let us borrow their van so we could all travel together. God is so good!

Troy & Rachel performed an “Iron on Iron” coaching session with Max & Sydnie to provide care, encouragement & problem solving.
Worship at Laborers Church in West Phoenix
We were blessed by our friends Tim & Annie who allowed us to borrow their van so our whole family was able to travel together. God is good.
The Martyrs & Missionaries podcast provides summarized narrations of the inspiring life & ministry of Christian martyrs & missionaries throughout church history. We enjoyed listening to several on the trip & discussing as a family. Powerful vision cast.

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