We Are Excited For 2022 As A Family On Mission!

2021 was incredible! We saw God move to transform lives, start new churches & raise up leaders across Southern California & the Western USA. We are extremely excited to continue serving Him as a family on mission!

We depend heavily on year-end giving to help us fund our ministry each year. With only 3 DAYS LEFT to meet our year-end giving goals for 2022, will you pray, give and/or share? We have already received a few gifts but still have a significant amount of year-end & monthly needs remaining so any sized donation is helpful.

Link to give tax-deductible donation:

We’re so thankful for prayers & support we have received as a family on mission. Will you consider giving a tax-deductible donation to invest in our family on mission through 2022. It’s humbling & exciting to continue serving Him in this way. Thank you for considering an investment in our family on mission!


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