Join Us for “Bible Stories of Hope” Live on Thursdays at 8pm Eastern

People are wide open to the gospel right now!  They are scared, have loads of time and are desperate to find hope and peace in these uncertain times.  In the midst of this COVID-19 chaos, we are seeing God use followers of Jesus across the country and around the world bring hope and peace to their friends, family and neighbors through simple Bible stories of Hope.  

These are so simple that anyone can do this.  Want to see for yourself? 
2. INVITE one or more of your family, friends and/or neighbors to look at stories of hope from the Bible together.
3. CHOOSE a platform to meet on (phone, video call – Facetime, Google Duo, Zoom, etc)
4. MEET with them and allow God to use you and His Word!  If you do not have a resource or plan already, we suggest this “Bible Stories of Hope” guide.
5. ENCOURAGE others to do the same.

Want to see the Bible Stories of Hope modeled?  Starting Thursday, April 16, join Troy, Mayah & Troy’s parents (Steve & Mary Lou) on Thursday nights at 8pm Eastern time for Bible Stories of Hope streaming live on e3 Partners Facebook Page.  

Click Here for the free Bible Stories of Hope resource to start your own group with friends, family and neighbors.  


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