The Call to California: Our Story Shared on

CoopersOnAMission From East to West from Steve Addison on Vimeo

Called to California
After 7 years of equipping believers to make disciples, start churches and mobilize missionary teams in Indianapolis, Japan and South Florida, God called our family on mission to continue our ministry in Southern California.  Our dear Australian friend Steve Addison captured our story for his blog.

Click here to watch the video
Click here to listen to the podcast

Our Year-End Support Need:
As we finish up 2018 and are setting our sites on 2019, we have some important year-end support goals that we would like you to prayerful consider investing in:
+$50,000 year-end gifts
+$2,000 monthly support

CLICK HERE to submit your tax-deductible donation to our family on mission.



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