Gospel shared in dirt & 153 follow Jesus in Amazon Jungle!

PRAISE JESUS!! We received an exciting report from Brody Benjamin & Danny MacKay of our amazing e3 Canada team that 3Circles was shared in the dirt among unreached villages in the Amazon jungle last week on a e3 Partners expedition where 153 chose to repent of sin & believe in Jesus! Many were baptized by local believers & are being discipled to obey Jesus’ commands. Since we build our discipleship around healthy church functions, many will form new churches & experience what God has for them in biblical community! Rejoice that God is moving among the unreached places! The emerging leaders in these groups/church starts will continue to be discipled & trained to effectively lead as effective shepherds (based on Titus 1 & 1 Timothy 3 qualifications for shepherd leaders).

This is the reason we equip believers with evangelism & discipleship tools that are biblical (so God can use them) and simple (so they can reproduce anywhere). Thank you for your prayers!

Want to see/experience a trip like this for yourself?

Contact Paul Colburn Paul.Colburn@e3partners.org

Want to be equipped to make disciples where you’re at? Check out these tools & contact us for training.

#NoPlaceLeft #makedisciples

More expedition photos by Danny MacKay & Brody Benjamin:

Part of the expedition was to provide medical care to the remote villages. Maxed to see how God is using medical & dental professionals to help advance the gospel among unreached communities globally!

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